Trunki: a genius idea!


What a fabulous invention! We have always envied kids that go around the airport riding on their Trunki, particularly when there is nowhere to sit and the team at has often considered buying  some to carry laptops, magazines and all necessities while on business trips… a genius idea and a very cute one too!

One would think that it was an easy ride for Trunki’s inventor Rob Law to market his product; surely the first clever buyer to see it just snatched it with a big order and an exclusivity contract. But that wasn’t so; in fact Rob went on quite a journey to finally bring Trunki to kids (and parents). On this video the inventor of award winning Trunki (17 awards so far, to be more precise) tells the story of Trunki, what inspired him and the stumbling stones along the way; we are glad he made it!

So parents, wave goodbye to tiring travel, tears and tantrums – kids will love to pack, carry and ride their own luggage and to sit through the airport queues too. Of course you can find them at

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