Mini Model: MAYA

Yesterday, we spent the day on our February magazine photoshoot. With only two models, we were able to spend a lot of time with the kids and with such an exciting and child friendly set, we had a lot of fun on the day!

Maya was first to arrive on set and with the genes of a French dad and Scandinavian mum, she was by far one of the most photogenic children we’ve ever met. Not to mention sweet and professional!

We chat with Maya and her mum during Maya’s shooting breaks to find out a little bit more about this charming girl.

Name: Maya

Age: 8 Years

Languages: English, Finnish and French

How Long Have You Been Modelling For?

*looks at mum who whispers in her ear,  10 months!

Who else have you modelled for?

*looks at mum again, who answers: French Connection and Stella McCartney Kids

What is the best thing about being a model?

It’s fun

What is your favourite thing about today so far?

Um the best thing is that I get to keep a butterfly and an elephant so far (props from the photoshoot) and they are making more (she says this excitedly gesturing over the props girls who at the time are struggling to erect a large paper boat, big enough to fit two 8 year olds inside)

What would you like to be when you grow up? A Model?

Maybe, but I think I want to be a vet, because I love animals!

Do you have any animals?

Yes, I have two Norwegian forest cats named Gandal and Veda they are so huge and they look like little lions – they are not very good at sleeping in because they wake us up every morning!

What is your favourite animal?


What is the coolest place that you have travelled and what is the best animal you have seen on your travels?

Well I guess today I travelled to Africa and saw some elephants *she says this with a cheeky grin

What was your favourite outfit from today?

The one I was wearing with all the butterflies pinned on to me because I loved all the bright colours and the flower sunglasses were the best!

And what is your favourite thing to wear at the weekend?

I like things with sparkles, my favourite shirt has a gold sparkly bow on the front, it’s so nice.

If there are any questions, you or your aspiring mini models would like to ask our Mini Models, or want to let us know what you think of this interview, leave a comment below!

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