Introducing the London 2012 Olympic Mascots!

Londoners will have undoubtedly noticed that the Olympic countdown began in full force this week. Today the Olympic mascots arrived at AlexandAlexa! Mandeville and Wenlock are the two official ambassadors of the 2012 London Olympics and come in a range of iconic British styles.

Read on to find out about your free Olympic gift!


Wendlock and Mandeville Mascots for the London 2012 Olympics

Don’t worry they come in smaller versions too!

Created by leading manufacturers Golden Bear, these one eyed critters are perfect companions leading up to the games, they even have their own facebook pages with links to games and cool artwork.

Wendlock Union Jack Toy in 3 sizes

View the range on

If you’re looking for ways to get the kids involved check out the London 2012 website for a range of special activities from 3-19 year olds. There are Interactive online resources to help them learn as well as suggested activities for schools and playgroups.

London Olympics 2010 Special Offer AlexandAlexa

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