Wonderland Teacup Candle Craft

In Lewis Carroll’s classic “Alice in Wonderland,” the tea party scenes are perhaps the most memorable;

the nonsense conversations, silly characters and, of course, ‘the very happy un-birthday’ song.

This fun craft will bring you back to that Wonderland scene and also doubles as a great mother’s day gift as it is

100% eco friendly, pretty and ia useful nostalgic decoration!

If you don’t have china cups you want to recycle, thrift stores or second hand stores often have a wide variety of china

for very reasonable prices.

What You Will Need:

Paraffin Wax or Gel Wax

Double Boiler/ Coffee Can/ Large Pan

Tea Cup & Saucer

Hot Glue Gun


Chop Stick or Pencil

Oven Mitts or Potholders

What to do:

1. Melt wax or old candle stubs in a double boiler or coffee can in a pan of water.

2. Place wick into cup and cut to length, allowing for 1-2 inch for tying around a stick.

3. Insert wick into wick holder and crimp to hold.

4. Place wick into center cup and hold with a stick across width of cup to hold the wick in place.

5. Pour melted wax into cup (keep the kids away while wearing oven mitts or potholders to prevent burns)

6. Make sure wick is still centerd, adjust if necessary, and allow wax to cool

7. Trim wick

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