City In A Bag



Let your children see the sights from abroad in the comfort of your own living room with this miniature

city in a bag blocks for £5.95.


It is the perfect gift to slide under the tree for your budding property tycoons, tiny travellers or the next godzilla.

From New York City to Tokyo, each bag contains block versions of the city’s most iconic landmarks.


All of the wooden pieces come with a little drawstring bag so your city can travel with you!

Hakuna Frittata



Frittata is a great way to use leftover vegetables and ensure your kids get almost all of their food groups!


What You Will Need:

6 eggs


Pepper (optional)

1 cup of cooked vegetables (courgette, onions, spinach, mushrooms, broccoli, olives, tomato…)

½ cup of meat (ham, bacon, veggie meat)

2 tbsp of parmesan cheese

Olive oil/non stick spray


What to Do:

  1. Beat the eggs until smooth, add salt and pepper.
  2. Cut the vegetables into small pieces or mash them with a fork
  3. Mix the vegetables with the eggs
  4. Add parmesan cheese
  5. If the vegetables are in big chunks you may want to cut them in smaller pieces or mash them with a fork.
  6. Heat olive oil or non-stick spray in a non-stick pan
  7. Pour egg mixture in and put on a low heat, cover with lid.
  8. Once the bottom is cooked and the upper partially cooked you can flip the frittata.
  9. Once cooked, ENJOY!

Get that ‘No Added Sugar’ Look

These No Added Sugar ‘Brit-Cool’ looks, picked out by the sweet stylist at, are sure to let your

child’s cheeky side peak through in a cute and incredibly stylish way.





No Added Sugar: Red Jumper With Tie Design, £72.503161-0

Finger In The Nose: Black Corduroy Trousers, £69.003020-0


Scotch & Soda: Purple Striped Top, £50.002746-0






No Added Sugar: Grey Freda Dress With Frills, £49.99




BABY 3673-0


No Added Sugar: Grey ‘You Bring Me Joy’ Playsuit, £21.00 (Comes in PINK too!)2804-0


Caramel Baby & Child: Dark Green Nell Bobble Hat, £54.003410-0












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