Book Review: TumTum and Nutmegs



Perhaps you are already familiar with the adorable mice couple Tumtum and Nutmeg from their previous

adventures such as The Great Escape or The Pirates’ Treasure. But now it is time for Christmas and around

the corner is an exciting adventure.


As usual we find Tumtum and Nutmeg in a tiny hidden house called Nutmouse Hall in the broom cupboard

of Rose Cottage (but it is still a secret so don’t tell anyone).


This time they are extraordinarily busy baking, bottling and pickling for Christmas and the house looks



But soon they find out that the children of Rose Cottage, Arthur and Lucy, are facing not getting any

Christmas presents because their father is too poor to buy any and the chimney is bricked up so that

Santa won’t be able to get through! Worst of all, they didn’t get any presents last year either.


Horrified by the thought, the two do-good mice set out to save Arthur’s and Lucy’s Christmas, even

though it involves a frightening visit to the horrible Baron Toymouse…


Emily Bearn once again describes the lives and adventures of two wonderful characters in an enthralling,

exciting and friendly way, recommended for anyone over seven years old. As a Christmas treat, some

mouth-watering (both for humans and mice) seasonal recipes from the larder are included at the back.

Illustrations are by Nick Price and you can find it on or at Egmont.

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