Little Sapling Toys



True classics never go out of style, and handcrafted wooden toys, like the ones from Little Sapling Toys truly are

timeless, bringing us back to a time when toys were simpler, quieter and required zero battery power.


Hailing from California, Little Sapling Toys are produced using Forestry Stewardship Council-certified wood,

are packaged in recycled materials and can be purchased with our without a beeswax finish…truly natural.


The charming toys include teething and grasping toys, developmental toys, block and free play sets,

rattles and more…great for kids of all ages!


Giraffe, Llama or Alpaca GRASP and TEETHER TOY natural for infants and toddlers, $12.00 USD (£6.00)



organic SKITTLES – 10 pin retro wooden bowling developmental set, $35.00 USD (£17.00)il_430xN_110149170


organic Honey Dipper RATTLE Maple wooden straight handle, $29.00 USD (£13.00)il_430xN_109423230

In The News: Fashion Confidential features in Gift Guide

Fashion Confidential, the online insider’s guide to the latest designer fashions, recently wrote an article on

must-have gifts for kids this holiday season, featuring items from our favourite online children’s retailer,

little ones


Here is a close up on a few of the items they chose:


D&G Junior: Butterfly Print Silk Dress, £237.503144-0


Anne-Claire Petit: Blue Rabbit Ring Rattle, £19.503316-0


Ralph Lauren: Pink Polo Shirt Gift Box Set, £79.002823-0


Diesel: Grey Diesel Gloves, £12.003146-0


Antik Batik: Bastille Grey Cardigan, £116.003542-0

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