In The News: Cavalli finds a new Vocation

Designer Roberto Cavalli has found himself a new vocation, photography.


“My dream in the near future is to create a big exhibition that would showcase my work from Africa and other

exotic places. I love shooting primitive and simple things. I used to shoot subject for my prints and my passion

has evolved a bit,” the designer told The Daily.


It seems that Cavalli, though already busy with his various lines of clothing including Just Cavalli, Class and

his children’s line, Angels and Devils, plans to have a photography book onto his list of already busy life.


Perhaps this new outlet for his creativity will just inspire him more, for his already unique and visually striking clothing.

Let’s just hope he still has times for Angels and Devils as his fashionable line of dramatic rock’n’roll style and

flattering cuts, currently available exclusively at, would be greatly missed. 


Here are some of our favourite pieces from the Angels and Devils line, we can’t wait to see what will come next as

Cavalli is inspired by both his everyday life and his new passion for photography.


Roberto Cavalli: Black Velvet Bow Shoes, £64.95



Roberto Cavalli: Gold Leopard Print Leggings, £90.00



Roberto Cavalli: Green Skaters Jacket, £225.00



Roberto Cavalli: Blue Multi Design Super Hero Top, £81.50


Top 5 Board Games

Getting the kids off the computer and playstation games, and back into the world of tangible toys can be a

hard thing to do in this day and age. But if you are able to find some unique games, more exciting than

old time favourites, you may just be able to peak their interest and start up a  new family



We got the team at to pick their top 5 favourite games from childhood to play with their


Connect Four

Connect Four

This classic kids’ board game is a bit like Tic Tac Toe. The aim of the game is to get 4 checkers in a row before

your opponent. You can play one on one, or in groups of two!


Scrabble Junior


We all know the game of Scrabble, but why not get the kids started early with Scrabble Junior. It is a fantastic

board game and teaches children a lot about vocabulary and spelling!




Some strategy and a little luck is what wins you this game. Players draw cards that have numbers that allow

certian actions. Very fun and defiantly a classic!




This game always ends with fits of giggles as each person tries to hold their body while their limbs are sprawled

across the various colours of the board!


Clue Junior

Clue Junior

“Mr. Mustard, in the Kitchen with the wrench!” This game is loads of fun for the whole family as you try to solve the

mystery of who murdered the victim, where and with what!

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