A Scandanavian Christmas Tale, The Tomten


Santa Claus is all good and well, but sometimes it is fun to explore how other countries celebrate Christmas with

your kids as an educational and culturing experience from the comfort of your own home.


One of the best ways to do this is through books, since Santa Claus’ story is in essence a fairy tale, there is no

better way to explore other country’s folklore than through the written word and pictures.


One of our favourite Christmas stories here at theirlittleworld is from Scandanavia and is called The Tomten.

In Scandanavia, the name of Tomten varies, but the character stays the same. In Sweden, it is Tomten, in

Denmark and Norway it is Nisse and in Finland it is Tonttu!


The Tomten is an elfin creature who cares for the farms and its inhabitants at night. He doesn’t live on the North

Pole, but perhaps in a forest nearby, or in Denmark he lives on Greenland, and in Finland he lives in Lapland;

he doesn’t come down the chimney at night, but through the front door, delivering the presents directly to the

children. In Sweden, Denmark and Norway some still put out a bowl of porridge for him on Christmas Eve.


Discover Tomten through a Scandinavian Christmas story by Astrid Lindren, available online at Amazon.com

and in most of your local bookstores!

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