The Most Fashionable Way To Start The Day: Marc Jacobs…Coffee!



Marc Jacobs has designed it all, from ready-to-wear clothing, accessories, perfume, sunglasses, and most

importantly, children’s wear, Marc has done it all…or so we thought.


When most of us wake up, our need for coffee leads us to name brands like Nescafe or Starbucks. Style and coffee

has only ever come close to hitting a fashion magazine is with paparazzi pictures of the Olsen twins sipping their

Starbucks fat free, dairy free, gluten free, sugar free lattes; However, Marc Jacobs has brought style to that daily

essential with Marc Jacobs blend COFFEE.


According to WWD, a new Milan cafe, Piazza del Carmine 6 will be selling the Jacobs’ blend.


The café will connect by sliding door to the new Marc by Marc Jacobs store sharing the signature Marc by Marc

Jacobs look of neon signage, navy concrete floors and blue steel shelves.


Really, what will they think of next!

Be Amazed by ‘The a-MAZE-ing Labyrinth’



If you are looking for a new and different board game for your 8 and ups, Ravensburger The Amazing Labyrinth is sure

to change things up.


The game includes four coloured wooden playing pieces, to start; you place your piece on the corresponding circle in

one of the four corners of the game board.


You then place the 24 treasure cards face down in the middle of the board; each person draws a treasure card on

their turn and a maze card allowing them to move the maze in any direction.


The goal is to create a path for your playing piece to reach the object of your treasure card, your opponents don’t

know what your destination is and nor do you know theirs.


The game is educational, engaging, entertaining and promotes strategic thinking. It is unlikely that kids with get

bored with this game either because each time the board is different!


You can find this card at any John Lewis store for £14.95 or online for the same price!

In The News: Magazine guest edited by Charlotte Hinton


global_logo recently published their January online magazine. This month’s guest editor was Charlotte

Hinton, founder of online luxury fashion site Since launching FC, as it is affectionately

known among the fashionistas, Hinton’s unique vision of womenswear, combined with practical advice and

exclusive invites to insider events, is second to none. In December 2009, the ex city lawyer added children’s

wear to her repertoire and this year sees the launch of the new FC magazine, blog and style-packed video content.


Charlotte has chosen 5 of her favourite products from A&A’s new spring summer collection:



“Dresses are versatile at any age”, Charlotte says, “Pair this with either a cashmere cardigan or a long sleeve tee.”

Little Marc Jacobs: Purple Little Marc Jacobs Dress, £77.00





“I love the ‘Pink Ladies’ feel to this eighties-inspired jacket and can think of several little ladies who would love it too!”

Diesel: Hot Pink Jacket, £69.003707-0




“Liberty prints are very now and the delicate pastel colours combined here are perfect for spring.”

Cacharel: Head Scarf, £30.003749-0




“This striped rugby set is just too cute! I also like the comfort factor here. The brushed cotton interior feels incredibly soft and luxurious.”

Ralph Lauren: Yellow and Navy Stripe Rugby Set, £75.503635-0




“The envelope style pockets on these jeans are very stylish. My friend’s little boy would love hiding pieces of Lego, creepy crawlies ect In them!”

Scotch & Soda: Jeans, £69.00


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