Wonderful Wooden Toys

Made to last and made with care, Wooden Toys are one thing you really can’t go wrong with.


And these days, regardless of the type of toy you are searching for, you can find a well made wooden version

without much fuss.


So say so long to plastic and check out these 5 samples of the many types of Wooden toys that are out there:



Wooden Firemen Skittles, £45.00firemen_skittles_2


Skipping Rope – Ballerina, £4.95




Wooden Baking Set, £53.99baking_set


Wooden Pirate Ship, £51.0030_1166_giant


Wooden Flower Press, £13.00flower_press

Baby Cow Organics



It seems a lot of people have woken up to the reality of baby products and realized that they are not all safe to use

on your precious little bundle of joy.


Lukily there are tons of different products to choose from, including one of the leading baby toiletry lines, cheekily

named, Baby Cow Organics.


Made from Meadowfoam Oil the Baby Cow Organics collection is specially formulated to pamper, protect and

soothe delicate skin.


The content of the Baby Cow Organics products average out to be about  89% organic and with their

‘No Nasties Policy’ you won’t find any parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals,  artificial colours or

fragrances and all of their products are suitable for vegetarians.


The products you will find inside their bottles of goodies are gentle formulas made with natural products like

bergamot, sweet orange, lavender, meadowfoam oil, aloe vera and more, which will leave your baby’s skin

soft, smooth and fully cleansed.


You can check Baby Cow Organics out online at www.cowshedonline.com

7 Sweet Signature Styles from Little Marc Jacobs



Born in New York City in April of 1963, Marc Jacobs has been making a name for himself in fashion since a young age.


As the head designer for his self titled Marc Jacobs Empire, Marc’s projects consist of The Marc Jacobs Collection

and Marc by Marc Jacobs which include Fragrance, Sunglasses, Shoes and Accessories.


The most recent addition to his empire is the Little Marc Jacobs childrenswear line which launched this season for

SS10 line bringing Marc’s trendsetting style to the chicest children worldwide.


Alexandalexa.com has got the line in stock so we picked seven of the sweetest styles for your little one

to give you a peak at the colourful and stylish line:



Little Marc Jacobs:  Pink Vest With Bow Design, £33.00




Little Marc Jacobs:  Denim Skinny Jeans, £65.003861-0



Little Marc Jacobs: Washed Ink Tee With Multi Designs, £45.003866-0



Little Marc Jacobs: Washed Prune Playsuit, £65.003869-0



Little Marc Jacobs: Grey and Orange V-neck Jumper, £73.003857-0



Little Marc Jacobs:  Purple Little Marc Jacobs Dress, £77.003739-0



Little Marc Jacobs:  Royal Blue Bow Front Cardigan, £79.00



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