Are The 2010 U.S Winter Olympic Outfits Inspired By Ralph Lauren Kidswear?


Fashion Olympic Outfits 

All American designer, Ralph Lauren was recently   announced to be the United States parade outfitter for The 2010

Winter Olympics games being held in Vancouver, Canada…perhaps this huge project is what inspired some of

his sports related items for his kids wear line…or visa versa…You be the judge!


Ralph Lauren:  White Hockey Polo With Hood, £77.003671-0


Ralph Lauren: Yellow And Navy Stripe Rugby Set, £75.503635-2


Ralph Lauren: Grey USA Sweater, £66.003663-0


Ralph Lauren: Blue Hockey Sweat Top With Grey Hood, £77.003645-0


Ralph Lauren: Blue And Yellow Riding Polo, £44.003228-0


Ralph Lauren: Baby Doll Knitted Sports Cardigan, £65.002857-0


Ralph Lauren: Navy ‘England’ Baseball Cap, £19.002839-0

Out and About: WEEK 03



What: Popular storyteller and illustrator, Thomas Docherty, takes kids on a maritime-themed journey with live

drawing and costumes!

Where: Discover, 1 Bridge Terrace, Stratford, E15 4BG, 020 8536 5555,

When: Saturday, January 23, 14:30

Price: FREE




What: Based on the Polly Dunbar book from Long Nose Puppets, the puppet show is about Ben, who receives a

penguin as a present! For Ages 2-7.

Where: Half Moon Young People’s Theatre, 43 White Horse Rd, London, E1 OND, 020 7709 8900,

When: STARTS Saturday, January 23, 14:30

Price: £5.00




What: If your kids love dinosaurs and you are looking for ideas to get them outside, take one of the nicer days this

coming weekend to see the five dinosaur sculptures that lurk around the trees and the lake at Crystal Palace Park.

Where: Thicket Road, London, SE20 8DT

When: Whenever you like

Price: FREE

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