A Little Bit of Love for the Union Jack

Whether you are out travelling with your children or at home feeling patriotic, sometimes it is nice to share through

your clothes where you’re from.


The Union Jack is one of the most recognized flags in the world, so why not celebrate it with some cute clothes for

your little one?


 Ralph Lauren: Thicket Jacket With Union Jack Print, £142.50




John Galliano: Union Jack Sweatshirt, £35.00





John Galliano: Blue Shirt with Union Jack Print, £46.00






Ralph Lauren: Navy ‘England’ Baseball Cap, £19.00


Valentine’s Craft



These cute little hearts are a great alternative for valentines and your kids can make it themselves!


What You Need:


Craft foam

Permanent markers

Pipe cleaner



What To Do:

  1. Cut a small heart from craft foam.
  2. With a permanent marker, print a short message on the front and the name of the giver on back.
  3. Poke an inch of the pipe cleaner through the bottom of the heart, bend it down, and twist it back around the remaining length of pipe cleaner.
  4. Coil the pipe cleaner tightly around the pencil.
  5. Gently pull up on the heart so that part of the coil bobs freely above the pencil, with several loops anchored around the eraser

Banners Restaurant



Banners Restaurant is a family favourite for those living in or around Crouch End, family friendly restaurant by day

and relaxing and unpretentious by night, Children of all ages are welcome.


Their children’s menu offers fresh, unprocessed food including classics like fish fingers and pasta to grown up

mini meals like grilled black tiger prawns and haloumi salad.


To keep your little ones busy, Banners provides crayons and paper, books and even a few toys.


You can find Banners Restaurant at 21 Park Road, Crouch End, London, N8 8TE, 0208 348 2930 or

online at http://www.bannersrestaurant.com

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