The Gruffalo



The 10th anniversary edition of the Gruffalo hit the shelves just before Christmas.


The book has found huge success from its cute story line and fun characters, selling 10.5 million copies

worldwide, winning several prizes and coming to life on the screen and stage.


Written by writer and playwright Julia Donalson, the rhyming couplets bring the child through the story

with just the right amount of repetition to keep your kids memorized and keen.


The story, which follows a clever and creative mouse as he makes his way through the forest, is scary enough

to keep your kids on the edge of their seat and funny enough to see the glimpse of a cheeky smile at each turn

of the page as the mouse encounters and eludes several dangerous animals.


The clever mouse declines all offers from its predators to come to their house for a meal, telling them he is going

to dine with is friend the gruffalo, whose favorite food happens to be whichever animal is after the mouse.


The mouse describes the gruffalo as a monster and frightened that the gruffalo might eat them, each animal leaves

and the clever little mouse remains safe.


After the last predator leaves, the mouse thinks he has tricked them all with his invented monster, but suddenly

a real gruffalo appears and threatens to eat the mouse.


But, the mouse’s luck has not run out and he quickly tells the gruffalo that he, the mouse, is the scariest animal

in the forest and demonstrates to the gruffalo how everyone is afraid of him as the two walk through the forest,

encountering the animals the mouse had previously tricked.


Each is terrified by the pair of them and runs off. Exploiting this, the mouse threatens to eat the gruffalo, who himself



You can find the 10th anniversary edition online at or at your local bookstore.


To further celebrate the 10th anniversary of this cute and clever book, are selling this fab

tee from Fabric Flavours, complete with an embroidered slogan ‘There’s No Such Thing as a Gruffalo?’, picture

of the clever mouse and gullible gruffalo, perfect for the books number one fans, your kiddies!


Fabric Flavours: Gruffalo T-shirt, £19.003607-0

In The News: Ralph Lauren Seizes the Slopes in Switzerland



Gstaad, Switzerland has long been a family favorite for most Europeans, for the annual tumble-down-the-hill-while

trying-to-teach-the-kids-how-to-ski ‘holiday’.


But the already well known resort town was just put on the map again as the home of the first of two new  Ralph Lauren



The esthetics of the store are very different from the classic and clean cut American Ralph Lauren stores as it fits in its

Swiss mountain surroundings with Navajo rugs, antique furniture, and unique artwork.


The store will carry the brands Ralph Lauren Collection, Purple Label, Black Label, Blue Label, Polo, RLX Ski and the new

Ralph Lauren Watch collections.


No mention of Ralph Lauren kids clothes though, luckily, has a huge variety of Ralph Lauren

kids clothing for babies, girls and boys, some of which seem to be inspired by the Swiss location, as it is perfect

for hitting the slopes in style:


Ralph Lauren: Navy Knitted Polar Bear Sweater, £100.003540-0


Ralph Lauren: Navy Down All In One Bunting Suit, £96.002846-0


Ralph Lauren: Plain Cream Cable Knit Cashmere Jumper, £70.001077-0


A second Gstaad Ralph Lauren boutique is planned for the lobby of the esteemed Gstaad Palace hotel…

perhaps that one will carry the kids wear!

Cooking with Kids in Style

Cooking with kids is not only educational, it is also a fun way to entertain and spend time with your children.

Whether they are helping out with dinner or you are partaking in a baking expedition together, when cooking

or baking, you may as well do it in style!


We found these cute cooking accessories from, for you and your cutie to commence

your culinary fun with.


Blue Kids Cooking Set, £10.99 (Comes in Pink too!)blue-set(1)


Heart Measuring Cup, £6.99love_cups


Aggie the Apron & Chef Hat Set (Comes in Blue too!)aggie_apron


Kids in the Kitchen Cookie Cutter Set, £9.9922-001

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