5 Sweet Shoes for Little Ones

We went on the hunt for the some cute designer baby shoes today and found five amazing pairs, all on sale!


If you are looking for shoes for your little one, make sure you check these out!



Cacharel: Blue Gingham Pram Shoes, £14.00




Mayoral: Cream Party Shoes, £7.00




Mayoral: Denim look Party Shoes, £7.00




Juicy Couture: Navy Court Shoes, £40.00




Roberto Cavalli: Grey Suede And Felt Shoes, £45.00



Valentines Card Carrier



With Valentines coming up, there is no reason to hold off on getting started on the fun crafts that accompany the holiday!


This one is a good one to start off with because your child can assemble this cute card carrier using common

household and craft materials.


What You Will Need:

2 paper plates



Hole punch


Coloured paper



What To Do:

  1. Fold 2 paper plates in half, and then tuck one inside the other to form a heart.
  2. Staple them together.
  3. Round the top edges with scissors.
  4. Punch matching holes in the center front and back of the pocket.
  5. Glue on coloured paper hearts.
  6. To finish, add a strap by threading a length of ribbon through the holes and securing the ends with a knot on the inside or outside of the pocket

Book Review: Spud Goes Green



If you or the kids haven’t set out this year’s New Year’s resolutions yet, it’s not too late. Try ‘Spud Goes green’ by

Giles Thaxton for some inspiration on how to truly go green and do your part to save our planet. Or at least some

steps towards it.


Inspired by his knowledgeable next-door neighbour Adi, young enthusiastic Spud decides to do his best to save

the planet in one year. This involves some experimenting – not always successful – but all good attempts are

documented in a light and fun way in this full-year diary following his progress.


Trying to “go green” or at least think a bit more about what you can do to help the environment, requires surprising

facts and some fun. And this is certainly something you get from Spud. He shares some important facts about our

planet and shows you things like how to save energy in your home with “textile snakes”, how to build a pond in your

garden, recycling and other useful stuff. But also quirky things like how to dye T-shirts with grass, how to grow a

red daffodil or how to make your own paper!


This book is great used two ways, either follow Spud’s progress chronologically from January to December,

or simply pick up some tips here and there when you feel like it is what this book is good for. Colourful illustrations

(on recycled paper of course) by Nigel Baines adds that little extra spark to inspire the little greenie in your child.


Giles Thaxton himself lives on an old wooden boat in Wales, working as a carpenter. This is his first book.


You can find ‘Spud Goes Green’  on Amazon or Egmont: www.amazon.co.uk or www.egmont.co.uk.

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