The Chalkboard Paint of your Dreams


You have walked into the kitchen and it seems one of your lovely offspring has decided to draw a dinosaur on the wall using his brand new box of crayons. You want to praise him on his artwork, but also want to shout at him for once again, ruining your wall.

You realize you can’t just paint every wall black with chalkboard paint to allow your children’s creativity to run wild, but then you look online at and discover that Hudson Paint has chalkboard paint in 24 different colours ….and black isn’t one of them. Problem is solved.

Dedicated to offering a safe, fun, creative product, Hudson Paint’s 100% acrylic chalkboard paint has a beautiful, washable finish for creating erasable colour
panels. You can literally cover just about anything too; wallboards, wood, plaster, masonite, MDF, and primed metal.

Fans have painted everything from tea pot trays and jars to fire places and refrigerators, the possibilities are endless!

You can find Hudson Paint at



The Ecotronic Farm Flashlight from International Playthings turns scary places into fun spots, and best of all, they never need a battery. Kids simply squeeze them and they light up.

Whether your kiddie is a night time adventurer or just a bit scared of the dark, these eco-friendly, kid-sized flashlights are perfect for exploration of shadowy corners or instant ridding of monsters, all with one simple squeeze.

The four fun designs include a cow, pig, duck and dog. Each animals nose lights up when switched on and the side lever that when squeezed gives the flashlight energy, stores inside the body.

You can find Ecotronic Farm Flashlights at

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