Rachel Meddowes Top 5 Picks

In Alexandalexa.com’s most recent magazine shoot, Rachel Meddowes, Lifestyle Editor and Stylist, lent her hand as guest editor with her Top 5 picks from A+A

Having previously worked for twelve years at Harper’s Bazaar and currently working as a freelance writer, including a regular slot on Daily Candy Kids and work in writing and styling, Rachel has more than enough experience in spotting the best looks.

Rachel also has a very successful Children’s Bedroom Design Business, proving her creative flare expands across all mediums of design.

She has a passion for children’s clothes and currently lives between Scotland and London with her ten month old baby, Bingham known as Bing, who is always dressed up to ‘party standards’– cashmere, collars, layers and tights for Edinburgh, – Rompers, pantaloons, shirts, sleeves, shorts and cotton prints for London.

Rachel chose five of A & A’s must have spring buys, take a look and let us know what you think of her selection!


D&G Junior: Red Denim Changing Bag With Mat, £495.00

“Finally a chic carry ‘it all’ that Mummy might need to borrow when she is off duty”



 Bonnie Baby: Knitted Playsuit

“You never realize until you have children how perfect playsuits are for eager crawlers. This piece is as gorgeous as it is practical”



Cacharel: Cream Cardigan With Beige Patches, £70.00

“Too adorable to cope with, more colour ways next season please”



 No Added Sugar: Tiddly Winks Striped Dress, £49.00

“A super chic and comfy Bretton number. Coco Chanel would be proud”



Roberto Cavalli: Pink Special Occasion Dress, £220.00

“Bring on the party! This is the perfect princess party dress”







Nook for a Nice Nap

If baby sleeps well, mummy will sleep well; it is a simple fact of life.

But until now, amazingly, no infant bedding system has really dedicated itself to ensuring that well deserved good night’s sleep is had.

Nook is the only infant bedding system that takes into consideration infant breathability, non-toxicity, cleanliness in the creation of all of its products allowing for air to flow though without metal springs of plastic.

The ecofriendly collection includes sheets, sleep sacks, pillows, blankets and, its signature item, the Pebble crib mattress.

No need for sheets or mattress pads with the Pebble crib mattress, as it acts as both.

Complete with layers of organic wool, heat is drawn away from the your sweet one as they slumber and the eucalyptus cover infused with zinc regulates temperature and moisture, all while keeping bacteria, dust mites and mould away.

The company operates out of Hermosa Beach, California and stick by their ‘Made in the USA philosophy’ sourcing local and organic materials for all of their products.

All packaging, printing and manufacturing of their products takes place in California, their certified organic wool comes from family-owned farms in Northern California and Oregon and their organic cotton comes from Texas….so you can dream of your lack of carbon footprints as you and baby sleep.

Bunny Hop Game

Easter is upon us and so is spring, so why not let the kids board games match the season with this great memory game, Bunny Hop.

Bunnies hop and hide in the carrot patch, eating all the vegetables and driving the farmers crazy! Kids can help the farmers catch the cheeky jumping bunnies in a memory game of bunny “hide and seek”.

The first player to collect at least one bunny of each of the four colours wins! This is a great memory working game so the kids can have fun while they learn!

What a Brainy Bunny Bonus!

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