Get that Big Sister, little sister, Easter Look

If you are looking for that perfect special occasion dress for your little girl, or little girls, the stylist at found us this great dress, perfect for your little ladies of all ages.

The tiniest of mini-models at the photoshoot last month teamed up with one of their ‘grown up’ mini-models to give us this ‘sisters’ Easter look.

The ’baby sister’ version of the dress is slightly altered to fit a toddlers needs. And the ‘big sister’ version has extra skirting, perfect for twirling about.

Get the ‘Sisters Easter Look’ below your tiny twosome!


D&G Junior: Pink Party Dress With Bows, £260.00



D&G Junior: Pink Two Piece Dress Set, £165.00



Bunny Kit

With Easter coming up, the scrambling for chocolates and Easter gifts is in its prime, and as each day passes, the pressure to complete your family’s Easter travel plans, figure out the Easter Bunny’s egg hiding strategy (so you don’t end up finding melted chocolate behind the curtains in June), and find some fun items to keep the kids busy over the holiday is on.  

One gift and entertainment combination is Lapin & Me’s fabulous new Bunny Kit which comes in vintage style keepsake tin.  

The set comes with full instructions and child friendly materials for your kiddies to sew their own bright pink felt bunny and even a notebook and pencil for the children to write down their bunny’s thoughts.

One ‘to do’ item down, 299 to go!

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