Top 10 Easter Themed Picks

Tis’ the time of year that the Easter Bunny hops itself out of its magical hole and hides little chocolate eggs all around the house, and if weather permits, the garden too.

To ensure your children are in the highest of Easter spirits, dress them in cute Easter themed kit from

Here is our Top 10 Easter Kit list:


Quincy: Duck Print Dress, £90.00



Rachel Riley: Chick Embroidered Cream Cardigan, £55.00



Rachel Riley:  Yellow Stripe Babysuit, £63.00



Muchacha: Peach Tee Dress With Large Rabbit, £72.00



Muchacha: Necklace With Silver Rabbit, £77.00



Muchacha: Orange Hair Elastic With Rabbit Bobble, £21.50



Muchacha: Hair Clip With Rabbit Bobble, £17.00



Muchacha:  Black Rabbit Scarf, £51.00



little Paul & Joe: Pack Of Six Baby Bodies, £86.00


No Added Sugar: Red And Pink Polkadot Cardigan, £45.00


Easter Wreath

Having a wreath on your door, shouldn’t only be for the Christmas Holidays, it should be for ALL holidays, including Easter.

Creating a themed or un-themed wreath as a craft for the whole family to do together is a great form of entertainment and bonding.

What You Will Need

14 plastic pull-apart eggs

Puffy Paint

Egg cartons

2 large heavy-duty paper plates



Green craft foam

Twist ties

What To Do

1. decorate the 14 plastic pull-apart eggs with puffy paint and let them dry.

2. Cut the rims from the paper plates and glue them together. Glue green craft foam leaves around the ring, leaving 1 1/2 inches between them.

3. To attach the eggs, tightly wrap twist ties (one for each egg) between the leaves around the paper plate ring, then simply close the egg halves together over the ties.

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