Shamrock Potato Stamp Craft


If you can’t make it to Ireland but still want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the kids this evening, make a statement with a festive home made stamp. Perfect for making St. Patrick’s Day cards or wall pictures!

This quick and easy craft is perfect for kids of all ages and they can add on their own drawings or paintings after.

What You Will Need


utility knife


green plant

paint brush

plastic plate

What To Do

1. Before you get the kids settled in, take a potato and cut it in half.

2. Take a utility knife and cut a triangle, about ¼ of an inch down, out of one of the halves.

3. Round off the top of the triangle to create a heart shape and then cut a line down the middle.

4. Repeat as many times needed so that each of your kids has their own potato half

5. Let the kids paint the heart green.

6.  Have the kids press the stamp into the paper; this will create one of the shamrock leaves.

7. Show younger ones how to turn the leaf and stamp down again to create a second leaf.

8. Repeat a third time to create the third leaf.

9. Take your paintbrush, and with green paint, paint on a stem.

Classic Cupcake with a Shamrock Twist

This classic baking recipe is themed perfectly to St. Patty’s Day with a clever baking technique!

What You Will Need

Cupcake batter

Cupcake tins and liners

Aluminium foil

White frosting

Green food Colouring


Green Liquorice (from the packets of rainbow liquorice you find at the grocery store)

What To Do


1. Place paper liners in 32 standard muffin cups, then fill each halfway with the batter.

2. For each cupcake, roll three balls of foil and insert them evenly around the perimeter between the liner and the tin.

3. Bake the cupcakes for a few minutes less than the package suggests (because there’s less batter per cup than usual), or until a toothpick comes out clean.

3. Allow the cupcakes to cool, and then remove them from the tin.

4. Let the kids cover each with green frosting

5. Use a toothpick to draw leaf veins, and insert a 2-inch-long piece of green liquorice for a stem.

Shamrock After School Treat

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with this easy after-school snack.

What You Will Need

Green pepper

English muffin/Bagel/bread


What To Do

1. To make one, slice a green pepper crosswise near the pointed end to get a small, three-lobed shamrock shape. (If your pepper has four lobes, you’ve got a lucky clover instead.)

2.  Cut a small slice for a stem.

3. Toast your English muffin, Bagel or Bread, then top it with a slice of Cheese and the pepper shamrock.

4. Place the combo on a tray, then broil it in the oven until the cheese is melted.

Get That Mad Hatter Look

No matter the version of Alice in Wonderland you read or watch, no character is as ’madly’ dressed as the Mad Hatter.

His fashion sense is simple, combining as many patterns and fabrics as he can while still giving off the look of an English gentleman.

The clever stylist at created this quarky mad hatter look, modelled by Alfie Lowe, with a zig zag patterned pullover from Simple Kids, a Little Marc Jacobs charcoal tee and Diesels distressed dark jeans, this look is an original trendsetting one to enter into Spring (best worn on a day-to-day basis without the top hat).

Simple Kids: Red Pullover With Zig Zag Pattern, £86.00


Little Marc Jacobs: Washed Ink Tee With Multi Designs, £45.00


Diesel: Dark Wash Jeans With Distressed Front, £57.50


Scotch & Soda: White Striped Socks, £7.00

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