Top 5 Bunny Art Picks

Whether it is the Easter season or you are decorating the nursery, bunny rabbits are always a safe choice for little girls and new born babies and also make great christening and birthday gifts.

Here are our Top 5 picks for Bunny Art:


Girl & Her Bunny Fine Art Print by Belle & Boo, £20.00



Bunny Fine Art Print by Belle & Boo, £34.00



Honey Bunny by Natalie Collett Design



Spotty and Floral Hoping Bunny Picture, By Ava.P



Personalized Gingham Bunny Picture Canvas, £25.00



Zoomster Bunny

The Zoomster bunny is a great addition to your 18 months and older kids riding toys, Easter season or not.

The brightly coloured, cute as a button toy has multi-directional castors, meaning your little Zoomster can go forwards, backwards, sideways and around with minimum effort!

All of the Zoomster Roller’s are made from quality, sustainably-sourced materials. Each one also features storage space under the seat (incase Barbie and teddy want to come for a ride too).

Any of the woodworks4children Rockers and Rollers are a great buy as they facilitate the advancement of children’s gross motor skills plus, they’re loads of fun too!

you can find woodworks4children products at

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