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More and more research shows how important music can be in the development of young minds. And what’s more,

it’s a whole lot of fun for both children and parents!


Monkey Music is the UK’s premium music group for pre school children. It introduces music to babies and toddlers

in an entertaining and educational way so that they can easily understand and enjoy.


Babies can start Monkey Music classes already at the age of 3 months and carry on up until they are 4 years old.  Classes

make a point by being small and tailor-made to make full use of the 30-minute sessions that aim to captivate children

with a combination of catchy music, percussion instruments, visual props and lots of energy.


The Monkey Music formula has grown to be hugely popular with thousands of fans across the UK and was even awarded

the ‘Best Toddler Development Award’ in What’s On For The Little Ones Awards in 2008.


Interested? Come along to a complimentary class so you can have a feel for the atmosphere before committing to an

entire term.


To find a class near you and for more information on prices, go to the Monkey Music website at



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